Channel List API

This API will acquire a list of all currently broadcasting broadcasts.
Please understand that FC2 may change the API at any time without warning.

Authentication Unnecessary
Update Frequency Once every 30 seconds.
Please set to send a request once every 30 seconds at most. (Do not send every second.)

URI Parameter

If receiving results through JSONP, designate this value as the callback name. By default JSON is returned.


channel id Channel ID
title Title
name Name
image Thumbnail Image URL
type 0:Open Chat, 1:Multi-Person Chat, 2:One-to-one Chat
category Category Number
sex Gender
lang Language Code
count Concurrent Viewers
total Total Access Number
login 0:Unlimited, 1:Login Required, 2:Points Required
video If using the FC2 Video share feature, 1
app If broadcasting from a Smartphone App, 1
pay 0:Free, 1:Pay
amount Billing Settings
interval Payment Charge Interval
start_time Broadcast Start Time
is_adult 0:General, 1:Adult
link FC2 LIVE List Acquisition Page URL
time Time Stamp