Comment API

This API is to acquire comments.
Please understand that FC2 may change the API at any time without warning.

Authentication Authentication token
You can only acquire the channel being currently accessed
Update Frequency Once per second.
Please have request frequency up to only once per second.

URI Parameter

If receiving results through JSONP, designate this value as the callback name. By default JSON is returned.
channel_id Channel ID
token Authentication token
last_comment_index Comment acquiring start position


status 0: Successful termination
10: Parameter Error
11: No corresponding user
12: No corresponding channel
13: Unentered User
98, 99: System Error
comments user_name User Name
timestamp Time Stamp
lang language
hash Hash
anonymous 0: Name input included
1: Anonymous
user_id_hash User ID Hash
owner 1: User comment
comment Comment
color Comment color
size Comment size
system_comment type "tip": Tip, "gift": Gift
tip_amount Tip Points
tip_total Total Tip points
gift_id Gift ID
last_comment_index Latest comment position
Please put this value in the last_comment_index of the next request.